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Top 5 Schools in Sammamish, WA

Those living in Sammamish, WA appreciate the small town mentality, and parents can feel great about sending their children to some of the top schools in the city. Most kids living in the area are zoned for the Lake Washington Independent School District. This is a top performing district in the state, with many schools that offer children a chance to learn and thrive.


  1. Margaret Mead Elementary


Serving grades K-5, Margaret Mead Elementary takes pride in preparing young children for the next chapter of their lives. Their goal is to build an educational foundation that will carry the child throughout their school career.

Margaret Mead Elementary also has programs to encourage kids who are excelling to go even further. Students who are demonstrating high academic success can sign up for their highly capable classes. They even offer STEM courses for young students who are showing a natural aptitude for math and science.


  1. Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning


Recognized as a choice school, the Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning is designed for free thinking students in grades 6-7. The campus is located at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, WA. The campus only accepts a limited number of students, so interested kids are encouraged to apply early.

Students are exposed to a wide range of visual and performing arts, including theater. While the campus has a strong focus on the arts, they are also dedicated to maintaining a high academic standard. Their mission is to challenge students to utilize all parts of their brain.


  1. Arbor Montessori School


As one of the most popular private schools in Sammamish, WA, Arbor Montessori School serves children from infant to 6th grade. Their classrooms are designed to allow children to learn at their own pace. Young kids feel independent, and they are more likely to be successful because teachers give them the freedom needed to thoroughly stimulate their brains. The school accepts around 170 children every year.


  1. Eastside Catholic School


As a faith-based private school, Eastside Catholic strives to enrich students through academics and religion. The school currently serves grades 6-12 and has about 900 students enrolled. It was founded in 1980 and is the only remaining faith-based school in the city. Students are taught a rich curriculum. In addition to core classes, students can also participate in several extracurricular activities, including drama, band, orchestra, choir and visual arts.


  1. Inglewood Middle School


Rated as one of the top performing schools in Washington, Inglewood Middle School produces fine students in grades 6-8. With impressive test scores and a dedicated teaching staff, parents are happy to send their children to this public school. Athletic students should sign up for one of their many sports programs. The band and orchestra programs are also very successful and popular.


Families living in Sammamish, WA have many great options when it is time to choose a school. The city boasts of highly performing schools in all grade levels, both public and private. No matter a family’s economic status, they can rest assured that their children will receive a high quality education from the local schools. This is one reason why so many people choose to raise their children in this welcoming city. See More

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