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Sammamish Sports Programs

Children of all ages, from the littlest toddlers to teenagers, need activities to keep them active and engaged. Participating in sports is a great way to improve coordination, strength, and competitiveness. It’s no wonder why the city of Sammamish offers so many different sports programs to its younger residents. No matter the season, you’re sure to find a league to keep your child entertained and busy.


Sammamish Little League


Baseball is the great American pastime, and most kids are eager to begin learning this favorite sport. The Sammamish Little League program offers T-ball and baseball programs to boys in the area. Kids as young as five can start by learning T-ball. As they get older, there are baseball teams for those aged between 7 and 18. The city even provides opportunities for those with disabilities or physical impairments.

Girls are not left out of the equation. T-ball is also available to girls who are 5-6 years old. As they get older, girls can continue their passion for sports and learn how to play softball. There are divisions for the various ages, 7-15. Both competitive and non-competitive levels are offered.

The Little League program has a fascinating history. It was started initially by a coach who recruited a few players in a local neighborhood, and it grew from there. The Sammamish Little League follows the guiding rules and bylaws. Players cannot be turned away because of ability or physical limitations, making the sport accessible to anyone who simply wants to play ball.


Skyhawks Camps


Skyhawks offers children aged 4-14 the chance to learn valuable life lessons through sports. Not only do sports help create strong bodies, but they also teach problem-solving skills and teamwork. Kids in Sammamish can participate in various sports camps offered by Skyhawks throughout the year.

Unlike other camps, Skyhawks teaches multiple sports at once. Participants can sign up for soccer, baseball, and basketball. If they want something more unique, a secondary option includes ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, capture the flag, and kickball. There is even a camp for toddlers.


Skyline High School


Of course, many children play sports at school. Skyline High School is a public school in Sammamish. They serve grades 9-12. Students have the opportunity to join a variety of teams during the year. As part of the public school system, these activities are free to join. Sports help engage students, and studies show that working as a team also improves social skills.

In the fall, the school offers football, cross country, golf, and volleyball. Swimming and diving are also popular with students. Sports during the winter include gymnastics, basketball, wrestling, and swimming. During the spring, students may try out for baseball, softball, soccer, or tennis. No matter the time of year, sports enthusiasts will find plenty of activities to keep them busy.

Before being allowed to participate, each child must pass a physical. Many sports also host tryouts before announcing who made the team. During the season, players must remain academically eligible. Students who participate in varsity level sports while attending Skyline may be offered scholarships from select universities. This is a huge incentive for students to continue playing all four years during high school. Return Home


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