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Ozone Therapy

At the full-service dental practice of Dr. Kelley Fisher, your safety is the dentist’s top priority. Dr. Fisher and her expert team are well trained in the latest dental techniques and equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure your dental experience is a safe and successful one. To help your teeth and gums stay healthy and clean of infection during treatment, Dr. Fisher provides dental ozone therapy. This energized form of oxygen is vital to eliminating harmful bacteria and preventing infection in the mouth, increasing the likelihood of successful treatment.


Ozone is a naturally occurring chemical compound consisting of three molecules. When triggered by an electric spark, the compound has the ability to create a curative response in the body. When ozone comes into contact with bacteria cells, it ruptures and kills these cells safely. Ozone also improves the body’s immune system response, leading to faster healing. Following years of clinical research, many medical professionals have adopted ozone therapy, including leading dentists such as Dr. Fisher.

Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy is a minimally invasive and safe method in dentistry used to treat the following issues:

Periodontal (gum) disease: During periodontal treatment, ozone gas or ozonized water is applied to the gum tissue to kill bacteria that has infected the gums and supporting tissues.

Root canals: Ozonized water or ozone gas can be used during root canal treatment to kill existing bacteria within the pulp chamber of a tooth. It may also be used to sterilize the tiny root canal tubules that cannot otherwise be treated or accessed.

Tooth sensitivity: As ozone hardens the existing tooth structure, it also seals off sensitive nerve endings inside of the tooth, thus reducing tooth sensitivity.

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