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Dentist in Timberline, Sammamish WA

Creating Healthy Smiles across Timberline, Sammamish WA

You want a smile that will last a lifetime. However, if you don’t visit a local dentist every year, your smile may fade. Dr. Kelley Fisher proudly offers a full range of dental services to the residents of Timberline and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our upscale clinic provides top-notch treatments in a warm, inviting setting. Once you visit us, you’ll never want to go to another dentist again. Come find out why your neighbors already highly recommend our services.


It’s up to you to keep your smile looking its best. One way to do this is by scheduling preventative appointments here at Dr. Kelley Fisher. As a skilled and experienced dental clinic, we know what it takes to make your teeth as healthy as possible.

When you make a regular appointment with us, we will take a thorough look inside your mouth. This is to check for signs of gum disease or oral cancer. We also use high-tech digital x-rays to look for cavities or root damage. If we see something out of the ordinary, we’ll discuss treatment options with you. The sooner we repair any damage, the healthier your smile will be.

Teeth Whitening Service

Our patients frequently ask us about ways to make their teeth brighter. You’ll be happy to learn that we offer a powerful teeth whitening treatment in our clinic. The results after a single treatment are amazing. Many of our patients leave our office with teeth that are 10 or more shades whiter than before. Let us remove years of staining from your smile.

Dental Implants Periodontist

If you want to replace missing teeth, then Dr. Kelley Fisher can help. We offer innovative dental implant options to all of our patients. It doesn’t matter how many teeth you need replaced; we will come up with the perfect solution for you.

Traditional implants involve placing a titanium metal post into your jaw bone. If you have metal sensitivity, our clinic also offers a metal-free option. Those missing several teeth in a row may benefit from our less invasive all-on-four procedure.

Cosmetic Dentist

Even if you weren’t born with the smile you want, we can help. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that can transform even the most damaged smiles. Dr. Kelley Fisher is recognized as one of the top cosmetic dentists in the region. Here’s just a small sampling of what we do:

  • Repair chipped teeth with dental bonding
  • Restore smiles with dental veneers
  • Straighten teeth with invisible braces
  • Fix a gummy smile with laser gum contouring

The Right Dentist for Your Entire Family

We treat patients of all ages here at our clinic. It’s our goal to make sure everyone who enters our clinic gets topnotch care at all times. Dr. Kelley Fisher will go above and beyond to meet your dental health needs. Your smile is very important to us.

If you want to find a dentist you actually enjoy visiting, then come see how we do things differently. Dr. Kelley Fisher is proud to be a premier dentist with a reputation for providing unbeatable care. Let’s make your smile shine bright again. Contact us to schedule your first appointment with our skilled team of dental professionals.

Living the Good Life in Timberline

If you prefer to live in a high-class neighborhood, then it’s time to see what’s for sale in Timberline. Located in the city of Sammamish, this exclusive community is home to many upper-class residents. Most of the residents in town own their own homes. In fact, it’s estimated that about 94% are homeowners. Housing prices have increased over the last few years, and those numbers only seem to be going higher. Expect to play close to a million or more for a quaint home in this elite community. Most homes are between 2,500 and 4,000 square feet, so you’ll have plenty of space to raise your growing family.

This neighborhood is home to a little more than 3,800 residents. The average age is around 50. Many residents are either near retirement or already retired. However, you’ll still find many younger, successful professionals in town. Children can also be found playing in community parks on a regular basis. This neighborhood is known for being family-friendly. A lower than average crime rate means you’ll see people of all ages going for walks down the block.

Those who own a home in Timberline must abide by the local association rules. The homeowners’ association for the neighborhood makes sure residents keep their homes well-maintained and updated. Because of this, the community is known for being beautiful. Any housing changes or renovations must be approved beforehand. This keeps home values high and makes the neighborhood even more desirable to potential buyers.

Timberline is very close to Lake Sammamish, where you’ll find many residents on the weekend. Local shops also line the area. In the winter, the neighborhood is known for its Christmas lights festival. Residents take pride in decorating their homes for the season. Drive up and down the local streets to see lit up houses and holiday decorations. People from across the area visit Timberline just to see the beautiful Christmas lights. If you want to live in a tight-knit community, come see what you’re missing.

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