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What is a Dental Implant Exactly?

Patients of all ages can permanently replace missing teeth with realistic dental implants. Losing a tooth is a traumatic experience, but it can happen to anyone. Facial trauma, gum disease, and decay are just a few reasons why someone may lose a tooth. While in the past dentures and bridges were the only way to fill the gap, dental implants are now commonly used. Those looking for a beautiful way to replace a tooth should consult with Dr. Fisher about getting an implant. 

A dental implant is a titanium device that is surgically placed in the missing tooth. This piece of titanium looks very similar to a tooth root, and once it’s in place, it acts in the same method. Special threads in the implant help the device securely bond to the jaw bone, which keeps it permanently in place. Unlike dentures, implants prevent bone loss. Your smile won’t age prematurely, and you will be able to speak and eat normally.

Dental Implants Before - Kelley Fisher, DDS


Dental Implants After - Kelley Fisher, DDS


Implant Procedure

While you may think that getting an implant is a highly complex procedure, it doesn’t take Dr. Fisher very long at all. With her years of experience, she’ll have your new implants placed in no time at all. In just 2-3 visits, you’ll have a new tooth! Here are the basics of getting dental implants:

  • Place the implant into the jaw bone. If you have an adequate amount of healthy bone material, Dr. Fisher can do this immediately. For those with bone loss, the implant will need time to bond with the jaw as new bone cells grow.
  • Attach an abutment to the implant. The purpose of this device is to connect the implant with the false tooth. It works to securely hold the dental crown in place.
  • Fabricate and attach a dental crown. Dr. Fisher will create a dental crown that matches your adjacent teeth in form, color, and function. The crown is affixed to the abutment, and your implant is complete.

Once your new implant is in place, it will match all your surrounding teeth. No one can tell it’s not natural! Implants are the most realistic false teeth available, and our patients enjoy repairing their smiles with this highly innovative procedure. Best of all, you can get implants to replace one or more missing teeth. Some patients even choose to replace all their teeth with this long-lasting method.

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Implants vs. Bridges 

Our clinic is in the business of creating lasting smiles, and we have found that implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth. While some people assume implants are like bridges, they’re quite different in the following ways:

  • Implants are One Piece

Dental implants mimic real teeth. The implant acts as a tooth root. This is what makes implants so vastly different from other options.

  • Implants Involve a Single Tooth

You can replace a single tooth with a dental implant without affecting the surrounding ones. With a bridge, on the other hand, you need at least three teeth to secure the device—the missing tooth and one of each side to support it.

  • Implants are Like Your Original Teeth

The biggest allure of dental implants is how life-like they are. You can even brush in-between it, and an implant preserves the surrounding bone tissue. A bridge, however, consists of several crowns that are fused together. You can’t floss between it, and since it rests on top of the gum tissue, the bone below will most likely erode over time.

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Feeling Nervous? Try Sedation Dentistry!

Some patients put off getting dental implants because of fear. However, the sooner you schedule an appointment, the sooner you’ll have a picture-perfect smile. Dr. Fisher is here to make sure you’re at ease during every step of the procedure. Our clinic offers sedation dentistry to ensure you don’t feel a thing!

For our extremely nervous patients, we offer complete sedation dentistry. We’ll provide you with a powerful medication to make sure you sleep through the entire appointment. Close your eyes, and when you wake up, your new implants will be in place! For simpler procedures, we offer lighter sedatives. Imagine being able to watch your favorite Netflix show to pass the time! No matter your sedation needs, our staff will monitor you the entire time.

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Highly Qualified Dental Implant Dentist

As one of the highest rated cosmetic dentists in the area, Dr. Kelly Fisher has the experience and qualifications needed to restore even the most damaged smiles. She regularly places dental implants, giving patients the confidence to smile once again. When you choose our clinic, you’re getting a dentist who uses the latest technology.

We realize that your time is valuable and therefore, we want to transform your smile in fewer appointments! Dr. Fisher uses a comprehensive approach to examine the health of every tooth. Our attention to detail means you’ll have a stunning smile, without spending all your time in the dental chair. Call us today to schedule a consultation to learn how dental implants will improve your smile. 

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Dr. Fisher is your premier local cosmetic dentist.  Join her long list of happy smiles today!

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