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Root Canals Therapy

If you’ve noticed that one or more of your teeth has darkened or become unusually sensitive to hot and cold, your nerve roots may be damaged. Dr. Kelley Fisher is a Sammamish-area dentist who can determine the nature and extent of the damage. If it is significant, we may recommend root canal treatment.

Dr. Fisher provides root canal treatment based on three important principles:

  • Comfort — to keep you relaxed, we offer oral conscious sedation, a small pill administered prior to beginning your treatment. It allows Dr. Fisher to focus completely on the work at hand and get you back to your day as soon as possible.
  • Speed — we understand and respect your apprehension, so we keep a good pace when attempting to save your tooth. In fact, while you are sedated, we can complete multiple procedures in a single sitting.
  • Efficacy — the last thing we want is to see you several months from now, complaining of a toothache in the same tooth. Our expert dental team thoroughly cleans decay from your teeth the first time, ensuring the long-term health of your teeth.
Root Canals

What is A Root Canal?

When a tooth decays or the tooth enamel is eroded to the point that it exposes the pulp, it leaves the tissue in the pulp cavity vulnerable to infection. When the pulp is infected, it can result in severe pain. A root canal may be necessary to save the tooth. At Kelley Fisher, we offer high quality root canal therapy in Sammamish. Root canal treatments involve the removal of the infected pulp and sealing the tooth to prevent reinfection. With our root canal treatment, Sammamish residents have been able to save their teeth and avoid extraction. Contact us now to schedule consultation with our skilled and experienced dentist.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Root canals in Sammamish are based on the specific needs of the patient. However, they generally proceed as outlined below:

  • Dental X-rays – During our root canal consultation in Sammamish with our dentist, you will undergo an x-ray. Your x-ray will reveal the level of damage and help our dentist determine whether you are a good candidate for root canal therapy.
  • Anesthesia – you will be provided with anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We offer various options, you can discuss your needs with our dentist and determine the best option for you.
  • Removal of infected pulp – a dental dam is placed to isolate the infected tooth and a small opening made in the crown of the tooth. The infected pulp is removed through this hole. All living tissue is removed down to the root canals.
  • Filling of the canals – the root canals and the pulp chamber are cleaned, shaped and disinfected. The empty canals are then filled with a gutta-percha, a rubbery material.
  • Sealing and restoration – The tooth is then filled with a temporary dental filling to seal the tooth and prevent the entry of bacteria. Our root canal treatments in Sammamish often also include the fitting of a dental crown to restore the tooth’s strength and function. Fitting the dental crown may require up to three weeks to cater for the fabrication of the dental crown.

Could There Be Complications After a Root Canal?

Root canal complications include:

  • Sinus problems
  • Pain
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Drainage or pus
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Boils forming on the gums

You can avoid all these complications and ensure success of your root canal by seeking the best root canal therapy Sammamish has to offer.

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Contact our dental clinic to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our experienced and skilled dentist. Learn whether you’re a good candidate for a root canal and how we can help.


Your roots are the channels of communication and nutrition that keep your teeth alive. They contain the nerves that help your mouth function optimally. Most of our teeth contain two roots, while some contain three. Without treatment, infected roots can damage nerve tissue, create a significant toothache, and ultimately destroy a living tooth.

When decay has infected the nerve of a tooth, endodontic care from Dr. Fisher may become necessary. Dr. Fisher performs dental procedures that are necessary to protect a collection of adult teeth that need to last for years to come. Her skills offer the most gentle and comfortable treatment. In addition, any tooth pain you have will immediately cease post-procedure, as Dr. Fisher sanitizes the tooth, removing the cause of your pain–the infection.

Using advanced digital equipment to magnify images and locate the precise location and extent of decay, Dr. Kelley Fisher can pinpoint and remove infection, keeping your tooth alive and capping it with a beautiful crown to maintain its structural integrity.

Give your teeth conservative, gentle, technologically advanced care. Call us about endodontics today.

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