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Do you miss enjoying the freedom of eating whatever you want?

The normal bite pressure for a healthy mouth is approximately 2,000 lbs. As you age and begin to lose teeth, your bite pressure can drop to by over 50 percent to 700-800 pounds of pressure. That change can dramatically alter your lifestyle, limiting you to eating only soft foods. As a well-respected Sammamish dentist, Dr. Fisher can help you regain your natural bite, so you can enjoy the foods you love.

A viable solution may be dentures from Dr. Fisher. Dentures are a removable substitute for missing teeth and local gum tissue. Comfortable, effective dentures or partial dentures don’t just restore your natural smile; they return your ability to enjoy everyday activities like eating and speaking.

First, Sammamish dentist Kelley Fisher takes time to understand your unique situation and discuss which type of denture appliance is best for you. We then take precise impressions and measurements to generate models in the exact shape of your ideal dentures. Once you and Dr. Fisher are satisfied with their shape and fit, we’ll determine the color and fabricate them. As a provider of Sammamish dentistry, Dr. Fisher will snugly fit your dentures, making any adjustments needed to ensure optimal functionality and visual appeal.

Since we use a mixture of injectable plastic (for resilience and elasticity) and porcelain (for durability and beauty), your dentures can actually look better than your real teeth. This newer, life-like resin material also better absorbs impact, reducing the likelihood of damage and costly repairs.

As an alternative option to traditional dentures, recent advances in implant technology can make your dentures equally functional, stable, and beautiful compared to your real teeth. Using dental implants to stabilize your dentures, we can deliver predictable, comfortable, secure dentures in only three visits — a short time frame compared to traditional techniques requiring several months to complete.

Are you a candidate for dentures in Issaquah? Dr. Kelley Fisher and her team will make sure your dentures fit comfortably, perform effectively, and last for years to come. Contact our practice today for your denture consultation!

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