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All About Big Rock Park

The next time you’re in Sammamish, be sure to plan a visit to Big Rock Park. This park is one of the most popular in the area, and both residents and visitors find plenty to keep them busy throughout the year. It’s open the public every month, no matter the weather. Here’s everything you need to know about this ever-growing park.


The Beginning Stages


Big Rock Park is a newer park in the area, and it was built on donated land. Part A, which is currently open, contains 16-acres of land. Renovations began in 2010 to create playgrounds and walking trails. The first phase of Big Rock Park opened to the public in 2016. Since the grand opening, the park has become a favorite with families of all ages.


Plenty of Space to Run and Play


Today, when you visit this Sammamish park, you will find plenty of things to keep you busy. It features a beautiful boardwalk that allows you to view the wetlands from a wooden platform. Kids who love to climb will feel at home on the hillside slide. They can climb the rocks to reach the slide at the top. It’s quite the feat for the youngest visitors!

Natural hills fill the park, but upon closer examination, you’ll realize they are also part of the fun. In addition to rolling down these hills, little kids can also crawl through the hidden tunnel. Natural tree stumps make great building blocks, and you can even navigate through the maze of stump steppers.

If you still want more adventure, get in line for the zipline. This feature is perfect for tikes who seek adventure. Plenty of open meadows make it easy to run around without getting lost. While the park is suitable for all ages, it is most enticing to the younger crowd. Toddlers can practice plenty of hand-eye coordination activities, while parents can watch from a distance.


Not Finished Yet


Even though Big Rock Park already provides the community with a lot of recreation and outdoor enjoyment, the city of Sammamish isn’t done with it yet. An additional 20-acres of land was donated by a private residence in 2016, which local governing officials plan to renovate in the coming years.

Part B will include the Reard-Freed House, which is a historic landmark. This parcel will also feature many additional trails and open space. A custom treehouse was even added to the land before it was donated. It’s the city’s goal to complete this project and open this phase of the park to the public by 2020.


Family-Friendly and Growing


Big Rock Park is quickly becoming a staple for families in Sammamish. It offers a safe environment for children to laugh and play. Plenty of interactive activities make it possible to enjoy both analytical and imaginative play, which is perfect for growing minds. As the park continues to grow in size, more people in the city are sure to find something to do. With Part B almost completed and Part C, the final piece, on the horizon, it’s exciting to imagine what this outdoor play area will become. Go Back


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