Oral Health Tips When You Can’t Get To The Dentist

Hi beautiful people!

Just because we can’t provide elective care at this time does not mean your dental health has to suffer!  In fact, this could be an opportunity where you find yourself with more time for self-care.  Much of your dental health is related to what you do every day at home.  I have put together a list of tips that can guide you through the next few months and help you maintain a high level of health.  Many patients have been asking me how long it will be before coming in for elective work.  At this time, it has been mandated that we provide only essential services until May 18th.  This means that we can see patients who are in pain, have swelling or other conditions that could potentially send them to the emergency room if not treated within the next two months.  This included deep cavities, wisdom teeth removal, and gum/tooth infections.  Please call if you are experiencing an emergency, and I will provide a phone consultation to determine if your situation qualifies for care.  Please note that these mandates were put in place to protect your safety and free up protective gear for local hospitals that are experiencing a short supply.  We have been asked to donate much of our protective gear, including gowns, masks, and gloves, to our local hospitals. 

In the meantime-the, the more care you can give yourself at home, the less catch up you will need in the next year, and the more you can prevent further disease. 

Here are my top ten tips:

  1. Reduce stress! During this unprecedented time, many of you are experiencing worry about your health, your finances, and your family.  The number one thing you can do to stay healthy is to find stress reduction resources.  I will be putting together resources and posting them as we navigate the next two months together.  We are all in this together!  Take time for self-care, family bonding, and getting outdoors.  The most important thing that you can do is work with your breath.  Your anxiety and body energy will follow your breath.  Focus on deep, slow breathing throughout the day.
  2. Eat properly.  Take the time to prepare and nourish your body.  Anti-inflammatory foods will help you maintain gum health and prevent cavities.
  3. Floss daily.  Take the time to scrape the bacteria off the sides of each tooth. 
  4. Rinse for 60 seconds twice a day.  You can use warm salt water, coconut oil, or dilute hydrogen peroxide.  Do not swallow the rinse. Swish for 60 seconds and spit.
  5. If you have a Waterpik, go to youtube “Waterpik demo” and watch the video on proper technique.  I highly recommend this for my periodontal patients.
  6. Brush twice a day with the Sonicare.  Use two-finger pressure, allowing the sonic toothbrush to do the work for you.
  7. Wear your mouthguard to protect your teeth from stress and grinding. 
  8. Use “Prevident” toothpaste to prevent cavities and reduce sensitivity.
  9. Avoid chewing ice, opening packages with your teeth, or other activities that could cause you to fracture or chip a tooth.
  10. SMILE- even a fake smile has been shown to improve health and mood instantly.