Tips to Deal with Dental Anxiety

Dealing with dental anxiety or fear of the dentist is more common than you might think. We understand that your previous experiences might lead you to hesitate to schedule an appointment. Maybe you’re scared of what future procedures the doc might recommend, and you’ll have to come back. Whatever the reason, keep in mind that delaying your appointment could cause more damage. Regular visits will help keep your teeth in good shape, and the more comfortable you are, the less your fears will be. In advance of your appointment, try these few tips to ease those nerves.

    1. Talk to us about it

When you call our office to schedule your appointment, let one of the staff members know you have dental anxiety or fear. It’s also helpful to discuss previous experiences that led you to dislike the dental chair. That way, we can make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be when you arrive. Our friendly staff will walk you through the procedures we will be performing and make sure you’re at ease. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    2. Speak up if you experience pain

Let Dr. Fisher know if you’re still experiencing pain, even with a local anesthetic. We want your experience to be easy and comfortable so if you have more pain than normal, speak up.

    3. Bring a distraction or something comforting

Are you addicted to true crime podcasts like us? Bring some headphones and put on your favourite music or podcast to help you relax while we work on your teeth. Some patients also find keeping their hands busy with stress balls or fidget cubes easy their anxiety while in the chair.

    4. Practice your breathing 

We know it sounds like a simple thing, but checking in on your breath serves as a distraction and is proven to help you relax. Imagine your happy place while counting your breath. Focus on staying relaxed, and the time will fly by.

Here at Dr. Fisher’s office, we’re committed to giving you the best possible Dental experience. Call our office to schedule your exam. We look forward to seeing you soon!