Teeth Whitening 101: Three Reasons to avoid Salons

You’ve seen it all over Instagram. Amazing teeth whitening, and you can get it done at your local salon—no fear-inducing trips to the dental office. No pre-appointments, no trays or gels. It sounds like a perfect solution to get your pearly whites sparkling for summer. Before you call up your salon and see if they offer the viral service read our guide on why it may not be a good fit.

    1. Salon Professionals are not trained in dental hygiene

To start professional teeth whitening. Cosmetologists are only required to attend a short training and purchase a kit. Dental professionals, including hygienists, go through years of schooling and hours of training before they’re qualified to go anywhere near your teeth. This ensures that your health and safety aren’t compromised

    2. The industry isn’t regulated like dentists are

Dr. Kelly Fisher is board certified by the American Dental Association. When you visit your salon, there are no regulations in place to make sure that the tools and products used to provide teeth whitening services are sterilized and disinfected to the standards you’d find at a dental office. Remember that teeth whitening is a dental service, not a cosmetic procedure.

    3. It could cause more harm than good

Because your salon professional isn’t trained in dental procedures, they cannot determine potential risk factors in performing the service. Your dentist will be able to check for things like enamel strength, gum sensitivity, and other qualifying factors before performing a teeth whitening procedure. Ignoring these risk factors and whitening your teeth anyway could cause significant damage to your teeth in the long run.

Make a consultation appointment with our office today and get those teeth ready for summer!