ORTHOPHOS(R) SL 3D Imaging Machine

Orthophos SL 3D is the latest technology in imaging machines that offers sharper-than-ever images in 2D and 3D. Both technologies offer a wide variety of collimations. Since the dental practice often requires quality imaging, this machine satisfies the practitioners’ requirements and prepares them for different treatment situations. Practitioners can view quality images in a dental structure. Using the Direct Conversion Sensors (DCS) and Sharp Layer (SL) technology, the 2D side offers panoramic images, whereas the 3D side offers volume flexibility. When the Orthophos SL 3D is combined with 4 imaging software, it offers even more options, which gives more accuracy in x-rays. Sidexis 4 software works as the core point where all diagnostic imaging data is integrated. This provides the platform to view all the information in a single unified environment.

Having this machine has improved treatment levels in many ways. It offers a more definite diagnosis and also gives clear explanations of treatment procedures. Here are some of its benefits:

More relaxing environment

An Orthophos SL 3D offers soothing ambient lighting for a pleasant atmosphere in the x-ray room. As a patient, you will appreciate this atmosphere as it will help you feel more relaxed during a procedure. There are over 30 colours to choose from.

Size flexibility

The 3D side allows you to choose which volume sizes you want. This will allow for the highest quality image, thereby providing the practitioner with the exact place to be treated. Since the dentist doesn’t have to do any guesswork, you’ll get the right treatment. This will avoid any do-overs in future.

Stable positioning

You don’t have to get tired of trying to put your head in the right position during a procedure. This machine will automatically tune your head to the correct tilt. Some symbols and signs show if the head is correctly positioned. Imagine all the neck and back strains you would avoid with this!

Increased diagnostic accuracy

DCS sensors directly convert X-rays into electrical signals rather than converting them first to light then to electrical signals. This ensures data loss is minimized. On the other hand, SL technology allows the specialist to produce thousands of images in a single rotation. These features will ensure that you get the right diagnosis.

Enhanced treatment

The side is 4 software allows for grouping of all the necessary data, therefore, facilitating diagnosis. The right diagnosis is the first step towards a successful treatment. When used with CEREC, it offers the possibility of implantology. The software also directly links the taken images to a treatment plan.

Time management and cost-effective

This machine is easy to operate – it’s fast and efficient. This reduces your waiting time. It also avoids the need for do-overs as it guarantees excellent results. Its universal compatibility is also helpful. An Orthophos can work with any image format, whether it’s obtained by X-ray, 2D, 3D, intraoral, or face scanner. This will help you as a patient because you’ll find all your treatment plans in one place without any delays.

Quality images are the major determinants of the success of diagnoses. That’s why 3D technology has become quite common in dental practices. So, if you are suffering from any dental related problem such as temporomandibular joint pains, super imprisoned teeth, hidden roots, or any form of malocclusion, you need to find a specialized dentist near you and start a treatment plan before they cause severe consequences.

Dr. Kelley Fisher is a well-known Cosmetic Dentistry professional in Seattle. She has had over 20 years of success stories in giving back healthy and beautiful teeth to her patients. She has specialized in smile restoration and dentistry. Her expertise backed with Orthophos SL 3D will give you a smile you’ve been longing for. Contact us today and get a chance to restore your teeth’ functionality, beauty, and health.