How Can I Close The Gap Between My Teeth Without Braces?

No one wants a gap in their teeth, but no one wants to walk around with a factory’s worth of metal in their mouths, either! Fortunately, cosmetic orthodontics has improved to the point where you can have the best of both worlds – no diastema (front tooth gap) and no metal mouth (braces). You actually have quite a few options when it comes to fixing gaps in your teeth without braces, and we can take a look at some of those options here.

How Dental Veneers Can Close A Gap In Your Teeth

Dental veneers are a type of “instant orthodontics” that can conceal the look of a gap immediately without a need for any metal. Veneers are a great solution for people who want to deal with the aesthetics of a gap from day one while working on a more permanent fix at the same time. While the veneers hide the gap from your friends and co-workers, tooth bonding can then be used to fill the open space that remains between your teeth.

You will need a skilled dentist to match the colour of your teeth to the veneers and the filling material. The dentist will also determine whether you need bonding composite fillings or porcelain veneers. The size and shape of your gap will determine which of these solutions is the correct option for you.

Invisible Braces Can Work Wonders For The Gap In Your Teeth

Invisible braces don’t count as braces because you can’t see them! The modern iteration of invisible braces optimizes the use of traditional technology while completely hiding the fact that you are using brackets to move your teeth from the world. As a matter of fact, if you want to go broke, you can even get coloured brackets to match your outfits. These aren’t braces, either; they are a fashion statement!

You can also make use of traditional braces that are actually placed on the back of your teeth. Completely invisible to the outside observer, these brackets perform the same function as traditional braces without any embarrassment of traditional braces.

Your Dentist Might Suggest A Retainer For Your Gap

Your dental professional may also move you towards the use of a retainer. Depending on your individual situation, you may not have to wear brackets on your teeth all day. You may be able to straighten your teeth by wearing a special dental apparatus only at night. Of course, your friends and associates will not be able to see you during this time period, so you save yourself the embarrassment of a traditional orthodontics experience here as well.

How Long Will It Take To Fix The Gap In Your Teeth?

Let’s take a look at the logistics of your choices. We’re sure that you want to know how long you will be wearing your new dental apparatus and what kind of results you can expect from it.

If you are looking at veneers, the application will typically take between one and two weeks. You may need to have some enamel removed and receive dental impressions to ensure the best fit. The process is a one-time procedure that is relatively painless and straightforward. The time flies by!

The cost of veneers depends on the severity of the problem in your teeth. An investment in newer, more durable materials is always your best choice and may cost a bit more. However, you keep your teeth for a lifetime. The one-time investment is always worth it.

Other alternatives to braces may take up to 12 months to work, depending on the severity of your case. Your teeth may behave differently from another person’s teeth, so never compare yourself to anyone else when determining how well a certain system is working for you. As long as you pick the right dentist with your best interests at heart, you can be sure that the process is working as fast as it should be.

In general, options for children and teenagers work more efficiently than for adults whose teeth are more “set in their ways.” What does this mean? If you have a problem, get it looked at now, not later!

Instant orthodontics is well named – you may be able to improve your smile in as few as two visits to your dentist. You must, of course, have a dentist that knows what he is doing to achieve your best results. The implements that we talked about above are just tools – applying them correctly is an art. Do not trust your teeth to anyone less than the best. Your smile depends on the decision that you make here!

If you are looking for a viable alternative to traditional braces, contact the office of Dr. Kelley Fisher. Once you make that call, you will be in the hands of a trusted Issaquah dentist who understands exactly what you are going through. You will soon have the best alternative for your gap that is sure to work as quickly as possible!