9 Before & After Photos That Prove Good Teeth Can Change Everything

A bright, healthy smile can help you make a great first impression on the people you meet and even influence those individuals’ perception of you for the long term. Most people associate great teeth with trustworthiness, an attractive personality and a high potential for success. In fact, nearly 25% of people you interact with will best remember your smile over other aspects of your appearance. Therefore, as you improve your personal and professional life, it is important to acquire restorative and cosmetic dental procedures that perfect your smile.

Even celebrities with great connections and lucrative opportunities at their doorsteps have benefited from improving their smiles with help from skilled dental professionals. Read on to learn about nine celebrities who increased their potential for personal and professional success with the transformation of their smiles.

LeAnn Rimes


At the start of her career, LeAnn Rimes had straight teeth, but her smile suffered from an uneven gum line. Her exaggerated gum line made her teeth look too small and crowded, despite a lack of real spacing issues. She pursued cosmetic dental care to contour her gum line and perfect the shape of her teeth. Through multiple procedures, including front veneers, she achieved a gorgeous bright white smile that lights up her face.

Michael Douglas


Michael Douglas went through much of his career with a smile showcasing his trademark large front teeth. As his teeth turned from bright white to dull yellow, he headed toward an advanced age, he decided to upgrade his smile by evening out his front teeth to create a symmetrical aesthetic. Along with the tooth evening process, he underwent whitening treatments to restore the beautiful appearance of his smile.

Cheryl Cole


Misaligned lateral incisors impacted Cheryl Cole’s smile as her canine teeth pushed their way into the gap created in that space. A slight crossbite complicated the situation by allowing the upper rear molars to shift inward and close up her smile. To improve her smile, she elected to have the misalignments rectified before applying the finishing touches with veneers. Her smile looks perfectly even and bright white due to these improvements.

Tom Cruise


Before Tom Cruise gained notoriety in the film world, his smile was severely out of alignment, especially at the upper jaw. His front teeth had a misaligned central gap that made them look chipped at the lower edge. He started working on improving his smile by aligning his teeth with a set of braces. After completing that treatment process, he elected further to improve his smile with porcelain veneers and crowns.

David Beckham


David Beckham secured his heartthrob status by boosting his appearance with tooth straightening and whitening procedures. His upper teeth filed down to create a balanced aesthetic and then boosted their beauty with regular whitening treatments. After improving his smile, he damaged his incisor during a snowboarding accident and had to have it repaired by an emergency dentist to retain his ffavourableappearance.  

Matthew Lewis


During his years playing Neville Longbottom for the Harry Potter series, Matthew Lewis was not allowed to correct his misaligned teeth due to contractual obligations. AHowever aftercompleting his role on the series, he immediately sought help from a cosmetic dentist to bring his upper and lower teeth into alignment and remove the gap between his front teeth. He completed his newfound appearance with whitening treatments that reversed the yellowing of his upper teeth.

Morgan Freeman


Although Morgan Freeman has long been known for his amazing narrative voice, he opted to improve his smile to continue to acquire lead roles well into his advanced age. Until he decided to repair his teeth, his hallmark front gap dominated his smile. He elected to have the central gap closed and surrounding teeth straightened with several cosmetic dental procedures to reduce crowding with several cosmetic dental procedures. Whitening procedures helped remove stains that developed through the earlier decades of his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo started his sports career with discoloured, misaligned teeth. His smile only worsened in appearance as the damage occurred during the high-intensity matches against rival teams. He elected to improve his smile with tooth straightening procedures and porcelain veneers to gain celebrity status quickly. Regularly undergoing whitening treatments allows Ronaldo to maintain his svelte appearance and woo the crowds as he shows off his prowess on the fields.

Demi Moore


At the start of her impressive career, Demi Moore arrived on the scene with yellow, crooked teeth along the top and bottom rows. Through straightening and whitening procedures, she was able to improve her smile to create her trademark appearance. When she lost her front teeth due to a stress-related illness, she had them replaced with implants and aligned the appearance of her remaining teeth with veneers.

Even with all their advantages, celebrities rely on great dental work to improve their smiles and reap the rewards of having great teeth. If you are ready to work toward perfecting your beautiful smile, you can work with a skilled cosmetic dentist to achieve your goals.