Same Day Dental Crowns!

CEREC machine


Our dental team always strives to offer the latest and greatest in dental technology whenever possible so that our patients can reap the valuable benefits. By utilizing the best technology and keeping our office up to date, we are continually learning new ways to improve our procedures and make our dentistry services more comfortable and convenient for our patients. We are now excited to announce that we’ve added a CEREC machine to our office!

Before adding the CEREC machine, dental crown procedures require two separate appointments because crowns are crafted individually for each patient in a dental lab. Now with CEREC, we can create dental crown restorations in our office during a single visit.


This technology allows us to get more restorative dentistry done in one appointment than ever before. You won’t need to deal with uncomfortable impressions or temporary dental crowns anymore. CEREC allows us the ability to place the permanent crowns during the same appointment.

It’s simple and quick! After we’ve taken a detailed, 3D image of your tooth and designed your new crown, the CEREC machine will go to work and mill a personalized, natural-looking restoration for you while you wait. Our team will then permanently place the crown and ensure that it looks and fits great before sending you on your way.