Gobble Gobble!


It’s that time of year again, good ol’ Thanksgiving season has rolled around quicker than ever and from all of us here at Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve got some tips for you to make the most out of your Turkey Day while staying fit and healthy from the inside out. Read along to learn more about how you can enjoy your Thanksgiving meal without getting bloated and keeping your teeth healthy for the New Year.

Retain Your Willpower

Extra calories sneak around every corner during this time of year, from seasonal cookies at the office to eggnog at holiday parties, and pies for Thanksgiving dessert; it’s no wonder that so many Americans gain weight during the holiday season. Avoid adding a few pounds to your body by following these simple tips:

• Limit your alcohol intake; alcohol can inhibit self-control when it comes to eating.
• Don’t arrive hungrily. This can increase your chances of overeating, if you haven’t had a snack, fill up on a glass of water to reduce your cravings.
• Pace yourself by chewing slowly, this will fill you up with less food.
• Restrict yourself to small portions. The food will still be there! Just eat small portions rather than stacking your plate with excess food that your body doesn’t need.
• Spend more time with friends and family and less time eating. People who focus on food at holiday parties tend to overeat.
• Be selective about treats and desserts. Limit yourself to small portions (again) to avoid eating extra calories and fat.
• Take a walk. Walking before or after meals can burn off calories and puts you more in control over what you eat so you feel better about yourself.

By utilizing these tips, you will find yourself feeling more content and energized instead of so full that you’ve deemed yourself “in a food coma” for the rest of the evening which can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated.

Floss, Brush, and Rinse

Start your resolutions early this year by maintaining pristine oral health this holiday season. Taking care of your teeth is one of the first things to start when bettering your overall health. Start off by following these simple instructions to begin your journey to pearlier whites while avoiding pesky oral ailments.

• Floss in between each and every tooth to remove plaque and food particles. If left alone, food particles turn into bad bacteria like plaque and eat away at the enamel, causing cavities and other oral problems.
• Brush at least twice a day if not three times a day. Brush every morning and evening, after lunch brushings are suggested as well to remove bacteria and food lodged in between teeth and gums.
• Brush for two minutes, making sure to reach back molars and gums to ensure optimal cleanliness. Listen to a song or watch a news segment to pass the time!
• Pick a toothpaste that suits your oral needs, whether it is tooth whitening, tartar control, extra fluoride, etc. This will help to protect your mouth from its biggest enemies, bacteria and plaque.
• Rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash to keep your breath feeling and smelling minty fresh. Alcohol in mouthwash can actually promote bad breath as it dries out your mouth. Try a mouthwash without alcohol to keep your palate moist for ideal freshness.

Reach out to Dr Fisher of Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry in Issaquah, WA

Maintaining your physical and oral health is the best way to make sure that your body is strong and healthy without giving bacteria a chance to compromise your smile and figure. By following these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving without overeating, gaining excess weight, and all while having a healthy smile to boost your self-confidence. Looking to give back to the community on Thanksgiving Day? Enjoy a fun and casual 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning to raise money for those in need! Check out this website for more information on the 2014 Turkey Trot. If you feel that your smile is in need of a little extra work, contact Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry to schedule a consultation to see how we can improve your smile and health. For any questions or concerns, our friendly front staff is more than happy to assist you. Call our office in Issaquah today!