Whitening Toothpaste

There are many teeth whitening toothpaste out on the market, and it may be difficult to choose which one works best for you.  Here are a few suggestions that may help you in your quest to find the best whitening toothpaste for your particular whitening desires.  Keep in mind that certain toothpaste may work differently for some people, and results can vary.

The Wonderful World of Toothpaste

Colgate and Crest are some of the most recognizable and most used toothpaste brands in the world. As one of the largest toothpaste companies, these two brands have many products that claim to aid in various oral ailments, one of the most popular being teeth whitening. The immense amount of options makes choosing a toothpaste that works for you very difficult, and it often takes many trials and errors for you to find one that satisfies your needs.  Here is a list of toothpaste that may work better for you and your teeth whitening needs.

    • Tom’s Whitening Toothpaste- Toms toothpaste is a popular brand among those who are health-conscious people. Tom’s toothpaste claims to use natural products and contains fewer chemicals than the leading brands. In many people’s minds, fewer chemicals mean fewer results.  However, this is not the case for their whitening toothpaste that contains fluoride. Simply White® Toothpaste contains no harmful bleaching chemicals and is the only whitening toothpaste to receive an ADA Seal (American Dental Association). Visit Tom’s website for an extensive list explaining the uses of each ingredient.
    • Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste- Rembrandt DEEPLY WHITE® is another effective tooth whitening toothpaste that claims to restore enamel and whiten teeth from the inside out.  One of the unique things about this toothpaste is that it contains peroxide, a powerful teeth whitening ingredient used in professional teeth whitening systems. The science behind Rembrandt is the activation of the peroxide when brushing. The peroxide breaks down, releasing ions that go into the pores of the enamel, attacking and whitening the stains to reveal whiter and healthier looking teeth. Deeply White is the first toothpaste to contain Active Dental Peroxide that is enamel-safe and works to whiten both outside surfaces and inner stains. For more information on this toothpaste, you can visit the Rembrandt website.
    • Sensodyne® Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste- This toothpaste is perfect for those who have sensitive teeth because it gently whitens while protecting the enamel and keeping sensitive teeth feeling normal.  Teeth whitening toothpaste can often cause sensitivity and can be very painful for some people.  This toothpaste can give you the teeth whitening results you desire without the pain if you have sensitive teeth!  The special feature of this particular toothpaste is that it is one of the better toothpaste in protecting against the negative effects from the acidity of the wine, soda, or fruit acids. For more information, you can visit the Sensodyne website.

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