Bright Smile

is a desired cosmetic procedure that is fairly simple to accomplish through a variety of methods. There are many teeth whitening options out in the market and it may be hard to decipher which is best for your teeth.  Professional grade whitening systems are not only faster at teeth whitening, but has proven to be more effective and safer on the enamel than store bought teeth whitening kits. These store bought teeth whitening systems can often have an imbalance of ingredients that can either be too little or too harsh on your teeth.

Over the Counter vs. Professional

Over the Counter teeth whitening systems have improved over the years, however they still do not produce the same results as professional grade methods because they attempt to generalize people’s teeth into a category that would sufficiently whiten teeth for the general population.  The problem with this is that not everyone’s teeth is alike and some people may have very sensitive teeth or crooked teeth, which can make over the counter whitening systems such as whitestrips, unusable because it does not fit to the person’s oral anatomy.  White stripes also only cover a portion of your teeth and neglect the teeth in the back, which causes discoloration among your teeth. Professional teeth whitening is more effective in whitening your teeth in a short amount of time, most take up to only 30 minutes to produce results.  In addition, professional whitening offers a more safe and executed whitening experience that will give you lasting results.  Over the counter whitening only lasts for about a month and then it’s required to apply the harsh chemicals again to re-whiten your teeth.  Another problem that many people have realized with over the counter whitening, is that if their whitening system is way too strong for their teeth, it will actually discolor your teeth because of variations in shades on the tooth.  Generalized whitening can over whiten teeth and make prior discolorations become more prominent.

Contact Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry

Dr. Kelley Fisher at Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry for restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, offers her patients in the Issaquah, WA area a variety of dental services, including professional whitening! Professional whitening is part of cosmetic dentistry and here at Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry we strive to provide all our patients with their desired dental results.  Our teeth whitening system that we showcase is called ZOOM! This whitening system effectively reverses the effects of bad habits such as  coffee, smoking, wine, or tea.  Depending on your initial shade, Dr. Kelley Fisher will diagnose and recommend the right amount of carbamide peroxide that will produce your desired results.  Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening. We look forward to hearing from you!