Laser Dentistry and You

Laser dentistry is a dental technique that has begun to take traction in the last 18 years. In fact, the first dental laser was only approved for general use in dentistry back in 1997 and is primarily used for gum contouring operations. Some patient’s smiles are either too “gummy” or too “toothy”. Gum contouring is a procedure that is used to correct these imbalances between your gums and teeth. Dr. Kelley Fisher is happy to offer laser dentistry as a treatment option for her patients in Issaquah, WA. Read on to learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry from Eastside Comprehensive Dental!

Dentistry That is Virtually Painless

At Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry, we’ve noticed that much of the pain our patients complain about comes from the heat, vibration, and pressure that comes with using a traditional drill for dental procedures. The dental laser does not produce any of these things, allowing treatment to proceed with little need for anesthesia or numbing. Because anesthesia is not as necessary with laser dentistry, many procedures that typically take multiple visits can be performed in one visit instead. The laser will also sterilize your gum tissue, disinfect the pockets between your teeth, and significantly reduce the post-operation tenderness commonly associated with dental work.

Gum contouring can also help with other problems you may have. For instance, sometimes the gums don’t fit properly against a crown, bridge, veneer, or dental implant. In these cases, gum contouring can pull back your gum or extend the length of your teeth, resulting in a strong foundation for any potential restorations you may pursue. Laser dentistry offers a level of precision and versatility not offered by other treatment options. Laser dentistry can be used for decay removal, root canals, cavity preparation, smile design, and bone surgical procedures, just to name a few.

Restore Your Smile with Laser Dentistry at Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry

There are many different options for restoring a smile. Here in Issaquah, WA, we believe that laser dentistry can be a good option because of its speed and precision, not to mention it is virtually painless! If you believe that laser dentistry may be a good treatment option for restoring your smile, contact us and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Kelley Fisher today. We look forward to working with you soon!