Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution for Problem Teeth

Hello everybody, we are glad to have you back at Dr. Kelley Fisher’s Dental Blog for Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry in Issaquah, WA! Dr. Kelley Fisher takes great pride in her ability to restore not only the missing teeth of her patients but also their enjoyment of the little things in life as well. Dental implants offer a complete, permanent, and non-removable solution for missing teeth, failing teeth, or even for obsolete removable dental prostheses.  Dr. Fisher can replace single missing teeth, multiple lost teeth, and can even provide full arch teeth replacement options with the remarkable capabilities of dental implants.  Read on to learn more about why dental implants are the most effective replacement treatment for tooth loss!

Strong Foundations in Dental Science

One of the most fascinating aspects about dental implants is that they are so successful because they actually become part of the anatomy of the jawbone by the healing process of osseointegration.  The biocompatible titanium that dental implants are fabricated from stimulates the nearby bone tissue to grow in very close proximity to the surface of the dental implants.  It is this new growth that permanently “fuses” the dental implant to the jawbone and provides the extremely strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth.  Dental bridges and removable dentures can lose their proper fit and their efficacy over time because of the constantly changing anatomy of the oral cavity when exposed to untreated tooth loss.  Dental implants can actively help to prevent additional oral health problems such as shifting or migrating teeth, periodontal infections, and even jawbone loss by replacing not only the lost tooth but the missing underlying structure of the tooth root.  By treating the entire missing or failing tooth with a total dental implant replacement, the restoration truly becomes a permanent and enduring part of the patient’s oral anatomy.

Permanently Resolve Recurring Dental Problems with Dental Implants in Issaquah, WA

Dr. Fisher strongly advocates the placement of dental implants because of the many important advantages and benefits that they offer patients who choose to replace their missing or failing teeth in this manner. Another reason that Dr. Fisher advocates the use of dental implants is because sometimes the long term prognosis for a damaged tooth is poor. If the tooth in question is unlikely to survive even with restoration, then Dr. Kelley may suggest that the problem tooth be extracted and completely replacement of the tooth with a dental implant supported crown. If you have one or more missing or failing teeth, and you live in or near the Issaquah, WA or another neighboring community of Washington, then Dr. Kelley Fisher has the experience and artistic vision required to provide a permanent and genuinely beautiful smile with the help of dental implants. Contact Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry to schedule your no-obligation dental implant consultation with Dr. Fisher today!