Reconstruct Your Smile with Crowns and Bridges

Do you suffer from decayed, broken, and missing teeth? We have two restorative options that can help you regain your smile and health: crowns and bridges. Dr. Fisher uses crowns and bridges for:

  • broken cusps
  • periodontal disease
  • replacing old silver fillings
  • broken teeth
  • decayed teeth
  • missing teeth
  • weak teeth

The restorations are made to match your smile and can usually be placed in just two office visits! Read below to find out more info about each treatment, and then call our office for a personal appointment with Dr. Kelley Fisher, DDS, to get started on restoring your smile.


Crowns are small dental restorations that have the power to save and strengthen broken and decayed teeth. The crown is an actual cap-like covering that fits nicely over the tooth. The crown also improves the look and shape of the tooth. If the tooth was decayed, all the decayed portions will be removed before the crown is put on. Crowns are known for being long-lasting, durable, and versatile. The whole point of the crown is to help fortify your existing tooth and prevent it from decaying any further. Crowns can last over a decade with good hygiene.


Dr. Fisher uses bridges when patients have one or more missing teeth and may not be eligible for dental implants. Whether the patient is missing teeth from decay, being knocked out, or extraction, bridges can help fill the space in any of these cases. Bridges are anchored and bonded to surrounding teeth to stay in place. Bridges can last a decade with good oral care.

Contact Dr. Fisher for Crowns and Bridges in Issaquah, WA

If you have decayed, missing, or fractured teeth, dental crowns and bridges are effective and quick treatments that can help you. We use metal-free crowns and bridges so that your body stays healthy and so you never see a dark line where the restoration meets the gums. To find out what option is best for you, contact Dr. Kelley Fisher, DDS, at Eastside Comprehensive Dentistry. We help Issaquah, WA area patients efficiently restore their smiles. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment. Simply call: (425) 392-1256.