What color is best for me with my new veneers?

Made in the Shade – Selecting the Shade of Your Veneers

It can be tempting to select porcelain veneers that are the whitest of white. The downside is that the whiter the teeth are, the more noticeable they are, and the less natural they will seem. At Dr. Fisher’s office, you will coordinate with her and her staff to select the most appealing shade of veneers, while also making sure they match the natural shade of your teeth.

The veneer shade will be customized to complement the whiteness of your eyes, your hair color, and your own personal preference. Dr. Fisher will recommend a shade that strikes a balance between giving you attractive, flawless teeth, and also looking the most natural.

A glowing “movie star white” may be attractive on a magazine cover, but could be distracting and off-putting in real life. If you add veneers to two teeth or twenty, Dr. Fisher will make sure the color is consistent with your teeth, no matter the selected shade, by whitening them with Zoom!.