Implants, Implants and more Implants!

What if you had the opportunity to fill the gap in your smile with an exact duplicate of your lost tooth? What if you knew the replacement would look and function so much like the original tooth that you couldn’t tell a difference? That dream can become a reality with advancements in implant dentistry. You don’t have to go one more day self-consciously covering up missing teeth. A dental implant goes beyond tooth replacement to also restore oral health, self-esteem, and new social and professional opportunities. With several decades of research behind them, dental implants are known as one of the most successful cosmetic and restorative dental treatments!  Not only for cosmetic reasons, but for molars as well! By restoringyour occlusion, you can chew the foods you dream of chewing, you can acquire a long lasting, more comfortable “bite” and you can renew your self esteem and laugh and smile big!Call today for more information!