Happy Anniversary Kim!

Thanks Kim, 4 fabulous years of service!

Her smile is the first thing most of see when we walk into the practice. This smile has been a warm welcome for our patients and fellow team members alike for the last four years. Behind the warm smile, you will find a warm person. Quick to laugh, quick to cry if something touches her heart, quick to give a hug when needed. A huge advocate for patient care, patient satisfaction and customer service, Kim has dedicated many hours to helping patients get the care they need without anxiety. Kim has taught me so much about building quality relationships, listening to people and always showing your love. It is easy to say thank you for four years of service, but not as easy to put into words the many indefinable things that make the service exceptional. Here are a few:

Fun, caring, exuberant, loyal, motivated, positive, hilarious, warm, sophisticated, professional, outstanding….