Patient Survey

I LOVE THIS DENTIST!!! For myself and my children, I cannot imagine using another Dentist. Dr. Fisher is very knowledgeable in this field and is constantly utilizing continuing education to broaden techniques and services. I know this because I ask a lot of questions. My children have never been afraid to go to the dentist since we have discovered Dr. Fisher. All of us have had fantastic results each and every time we need a service. Dr. Fisher’s staff is made up of highly compassionate people who not only know what they are doing and do it well, but who also make you feel at home. I never ever dread going to the dentist. In fact, I look forward to it because everyone is so nice and I feel like my mouth health is being well managed. It’s a huge comfort to know I am getting the best oral care possible. I have been to many dentists in the past and always dreaded it for one reason or another. Not here. My older daughter and I were just saying that this office has spoiled us for any other. I cannot imagine any other dental office for our family. I am not related to anyone here but just adore each and every person who work here. Dr. Fisher sets the bar very high for quality work and she hand picks her staff to be able to maintain the level of expertise she requires to give her patients the best possible treatment plans and outcomes. I really cannot put into words how much Dr. Fisher has impacted my family’s lives with her ability to educate us on the importance of good oral care on our overall health. My children floss and care and I love it!!!! It is so refreshing when you find real people who honestly really care for people in their hearts the way Dr. Fisher does. You can just feel it and see it. I also have to note that Dr. Fisher is an EXCELLENT cosmetic dentist. My daughter and I both have had veneers put on our teeth and are so happy to smile now. Love love love this office!